Case Studies for Balanced Hoof & Paw

Over the years Lisa has helped many animals through recovery and rehabilitation.  Below are just a few of the case studies that showcase her techniques and results. 

As Lisa would say, there are not quick fixes!  However, over time, with creative  technique, guidance, patience and persistence it is remarkable what can be accomplished.

The Story of Zora – the Llama

It’s the spirit that drives the will to live.

Zora, a Llama, owned by Steve and Denise in upstate New York, contracted meningeal worm and became paralyzed in her hindquarters. After evaluating her osteopathically, treatment became necessary and included range of motion to the hindquarters, laser treatment along the lumbar and thoracic spine, gentle manipulation of the sacrum and supporting weight bearing three times a day.

Steve and Denise had devised a special sling inorder to hoist Zora up from supine to standing. Included in the treatments were massage sessions that involved vibration to stimulate the neural input to the muscles. After several weeks of consistent treatment, Zora was able to walk and continued to improve. 

The Journey with Bosley

So big things come in small packages.

Bosley, a five year old male Beagle, was hit by a car and sustained injuries that resulted in his inability to use his hind legs. After waiting six days for his owner to claim him, I decided to take him home and rehabilitate him.

I took him to Tufts Veterinary Hospital where they performed surgery to alleviate a compression fracture of T9. His chances of recovery were minimal at best.  

After several months of extensive therapy which included laser therapy to his back, passive and active range of motion to his hind legs, and hydrotherapy, Bosley was able to regain the use of his back legs so that he could join the rest of the family in daily hikes through the woods.

My Lessons with Cisco

We both have overcome our liabilities and transformed them into assets.

After sustaining a suspensory ligament injury to the inferior check ligament and the fact that Cisco was a 23 year old quarter horse who had given his all to many beginning riders, the veterinary world thought it best to put Cisco out to pasture.

Fortunately my bond with this horse was strong and I was determined to work with him to help him regain strength, dignity and return him to activities he enjoyed. The recovery process was long, but consistent and through many ups, downs, and times of frustration and mistakes, Cisco has taught me never to give up.

His rehab included changes in diet, osteopathically restoring and finding balance in his vitality, and physical therapy exercises for overall body conditioning. He is now trail riding, trotting, cantering and jumping small jumps with me floating on his back.

We have worked together to help each other become the best we can be in whatever we undertake, to build a trust through love and understanding, to always have a positive outlook, and above all to have fun.